OMEGA NC900HDC Review – Why Should You Buy?

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Regardless of whatever juicers you may find out there, it is always hard to find something better than the incredible OMEGA NC900HDC. The horizontal masticating juicer is packed with a high-powered chute that can make it effortless to process leafy greens for those ever-needed healthy breakfasts in the morning.

What makes this juicer an at-home essential is the features that help you make a bang for your buck. If this is what you’re looking for, here’s a brutally honest OMEGA NC900HDC Juicer Review that will answer all of your swarming questions in just 5 minutes!

Omega NC900HDC review


Omega NC900HDC Juicer Features & Product Details

All of its features combined provide not only delicious juice but a single glass made by this OMEGA juice is highly rich in nutrients to ensure you are making full use of your fruits. However, as far as the specific features are concerned, here’s everything you need to know about this juicer to get started.

1. Warranty

The company provides a whopping 15 years of warranty that indicates the durable nature of the juicer. This specific factor helps give you peace of mind that you always have the right juicer at home.

2. Motor Power

Since it’s a masticating juicer, the 150-watt motor ensures full use of its extraordinary power to give you highly delicious juices.

3. Variable speed

To help you adjust the juicer’s intensity, you get 5 pressure settings to juice soft and hard fruits and vegetables. Read our article about best juicer for leafy greens & the best juicer for celery.

4. Usage

Where most of the juicers create a whole new level of mess after each juicing session, OMEGA can easily be disassembled to clean up each part of the juicer.

5. Performance & Noise

Juicers can quickly amp up their impression by providing a quieter environment to carry out the juicing sessions. Along with its striking good looks, the OMEGA is also armed with a slow Ultem auger with a speed of 80 RPM not only to allow it to run effectively but stay relatively quiet at the same time.

6. Safety

The juicer uses 100% BPA-free components to prevent numerous diseases and health risks due to plastic usage.

7. Non – juicing functions

One of the best things about OMEGA NC900HDC Juicer is how it focuses on providing powerful extraction and has other benefits that can allow you to carry out multi-tasks like food procession pasta extruding. Coffee grinding to be your best choice in times of need.

8. Juice quality & Yield

Nothing can beat the juicing quality of the NC900HDC due to its advanced ability to extract all the remaining pulp until the fruit is completely dried. This superior quality of the juice gives it the upper hand over most of the juices that you can find on the market today.

What Type of Juicer is Omega NC900HDC?

As you probably must have guessed by now, OMEGA uses a slightly different approach than the ordinary juicers you see on the market. The masticating juicer uses a unique extraction method that involves slowly squeezing out the juice from each of the vegetables or fruits you toss into the juicer.

Omega NC900hdc Juicer Extractor Technical Specification

As they say, numbers never lie. Where most of the product descriptions of juicers relatively look the same, the best way to compare your juices is to scroll down to look for technical specifications. Therefore, to help you frame a general idea of the juice; here are some of the specifications you can find in the OMEGA juicer. You can check the product price here.

Type Masticating slow juicer
Color  Chrome
Weight 20 pounds
Dimensions 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inch
Noise Level  Low
Warranty 15 Years

Advantages & Disadvantages of Omega NC900HDC Juicer


  • Quiet but powerful

The juicer is well-known for its quiet functionality that can even allow you to carry out your conversations during the juicing process. What’s more, thanks to its robust juicing and spacious container, you can juice and make many juice batches at once.

  • Deep extraction

The juicer allows you to extract the maximum amount of juice even with a minimum amount of fruit or vegetable.

  • Slow Juicer

Now, you may be wondering how having a slow juice can benefit you. This is because slow juices take the upper hand in properly screening out the last bit of juice from your fruit and vegetables. This also ensures zero wastage and ensures the juicing is efficient throughout the session.

  • Adjustable

With this, you get to have complete control over the intensity of the juicing. With 1 being the lowest, you can easily make juice of soft fruits like bananas and leafy vegetables to the 5th level that is used to juice apples and beets.

  • Durable

It is common for many juicers not to be durable. This is mainly because the acid from the fruit juice acidulates the juice’s plastic material during the process. However, OMEGA NC900HDC Juicer offers reinforced plastic components proven to last longer even by juicing the acidic fruits.


  • Too Bulky

When compared to other juices. OMEGA is slightly bulkier than the rest of the juices out there. However, if we look at it from a bigger picture, its size totally justifies its robust and functional body.

Omega NC900hdc Juicer Rating


Total Score


Due to the outstanding features and unique technology, you can barely find a reason to hate this juicer. However, a few customers may find it highly time-consuming to make juices with this juicer.

Capability 9.5
Operability 9.0
Overall Quality 9.8
Price 9.0


The sleek body and extraordinary performance ensure you never regret making this purchase. Besides its premium quality material, the OMEGA also provides a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee that vouches for the juicer’s credibility. Unlike many other advanced technology devices, this juicer is highly user-friendly, making it easier for anyone to make their favorite healthy juices. Check Omega NC900HDC today’s price here.

Considering how you get to make the most out of your juices, this juice can certainly be a reasonable choice to reduce wastage and money in the long term. Look at its pros and cons and then decide if it’s suitable for your juicing needs.

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