How Does A Juicer Work? [All type of Juicers]

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Having a juicer at home can not only elevate your health condition, but it is also a suitable option for your bank. How may you ask? Since drinking at least a single glass of juice is essential to maintain good health, it can be quite expensive to buy a new one from the store every day. Juicers make this work completely effortless by allowing you to make your delicious juice recipes, whenever, wherever.

And the best thing about these juicers is that they are totally easy to use. However, one search on the web can make you blown away with all the big juicer words that you’ve never heard of before. Therefore, to save you from all that hassle here’s a complete guide that talks about all the juicer types and how they work to give your desired results.

How does a juicer work

How Does a Masticating Juicer Work? [AKA Slow Juicers]

The masticating juice or also known as the slow juicer works exactly how it sounds. This juicer uses an auger to crush the fresh fruits and vegetables into their pulp and slowly squeezes its juice without using any heat whatsoever. This juice then passes through the chute and runs through the mesh to push it into a separate container. Although they are relatively slow to work with, they actually provide great yield and have a good juice quality that can last you for up to two days.

However, there are also a few downsides that you must consider before you move on to the next one. Since it works by crushing each fruit, you need to pre-cut everything before putting it into the machine. The juice’s long duration can also make it harder to carry multiple batches of juice at once, and not to mention, the machine can also be pricey due to its great quality of retaining the nutrients in the juice. Read Omega NC900HDC the best slow masticating juicer review here.

How Do Cold Press Juicer Machines Work?

A cold press is one of the most well-known juicer types out there that does its job by separating the fiber from the fruits and vegetables and only keeping the healthy nutrients in your glass of juice. This way, you can ensure that your juice consists of nothing but a high nutritional value that is enough to fulfill your fruit or vegetable nutrient intake for the day.

A cold press juicer can do this in a way that other juicers can’t. For instance, high-powered juicers like centrifugal or any other regular heat the enzymes present in the fruits or vegetables, break down the substances and use its knives to crush the material into its juice.

However, a cold press juicer works by slowly pressing the vegetables and fruits to extract its pulp, which, in turn, yields the juice that we drink. The absence of heat here dramatically impacts the juice’s quality, which makes it preferable to many juice lovers.

How Does a Steam Juicer Work?

Steam juicer uses a rather different technique to extract the juice out of your fruits. This juicer is usually ideal for winemakers since it can instantly squeeze every last nutrition and juice out of the fruits. Steam juicers are one piece of equipment that you must have to help you extract a variety of juices.

It does this by stewing the fruits. In a nutshell, steam juicers burst the fruit with steam, taking out its pulp and collecting its juice as it flows out of the process. This can be done by bringing some water to a low boil, placing a bunch of fruits on the top steamer to let it build up, and using the hose at the bottom of the section to get the juice right down into the pan or glass.

How Does a Centrifugal Juicer Work?

Centrifugal juicers are one of the most common options you can find in the market today. It uses a flat cutting blade and juicing strainer to separate the pulp from the fruit. The centrifugal force combines with a mesh chamber with sharp teeth to mix the materials into the pup. This juicer is excellent for making juice of thick and dense fruits and vegetables as well as the thinner ones.

Its fast speed, affordability, and easy-to-clean quality compel many people to opt for a centrifugal juicer. However, this also makes the machine slighter louder than the rest, potentially creating a disturbance in the environment. Besides that, since it uses heat to crush down the enzymes, you can also expect the centrifugal to reduce the juice’s quality. Read our favorite centrifugal juicer review here.

How Does a Twin Gear Juicer Work?

Twin Gear juicer is also known as the triturating juicer, and it is raved by many of its users because of its high-quality juice yield that can help people live a healthy life. Unlike all the other methods mentioned above, Twin Gear works by crushing the grinding every last bit of the fruits and vegetables to extract the juice and keep it full of nutrients.

This juicer’s property also makes Twin Gear a versatile choice since it also makes nut butter and baby food.


All in all, as you can see, all the juicers use a completely different approach to satisfy their users. For now, it may sound that juicers like Cold Press, Twin Gear, and Masticating are ideal for getting fresher and healthier juice, some people expressing their opinions by saying it also grinds the deliciousness of pulpy fruits, which can make it taste more grocery-like rather than something homemade and fresh.

Whereas augers present in the centrifugal juicers can keep the pulp in pulpy fruits, and the build-up foam can taste many juice lovers. Besides that, if you are a beginner at juicing and don’t want to go through the hassle of understanding the advanced juicers, centrifugal juicers are excellent to make it effortless to buy juice and clean your juicers at home.

Therefore, before you go on to buy a new juicer, make sure you’re fully aware of your juicing levels and what you want your juicer to offer.

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