Difference Between Juicer and Juice Extractor

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Many people would like to start their day with a fresh sip of fruit in their mouth instead of a coffee. They would prefer the juices to be homemade and freshly made in an instant. In this case, you would need a juicer or a juice extractor depending on what you want to get.

Juicer mashes the whole fruit to bring out the juice and the juice extractor juices fruits and vegetables and separates the pulp, puree, and seeds to bring out the refined juice. Unlike a juicer, it gives out smooth and refined juice in a separate container.

Difference Between Juice Extractor and Juicer


Juicer is a machine that just masticates the whole fruit without separation between puree, pulp, or peels. It spins and chews the entire fruit to make fresh juice. You can use the juicer to get juice from citrus fruits.

There are mainly two types of juicers. One is the simple citrus juicer and the other is the Electric Citrus juicer. The citrus juicer works the centrifugal extractor but it’s a very slow one. Mainly has a head inside shaped like a funnel and half-cut citrus fruits are shoved on top of it.

Another is the Electric citrus juicer which has a motor that helps to crush and spin with force.


  • Less Costly
  • Quieter operations
  • Activation is Easy
  • Assembling is easy enough to carry
  • Comes in detachable parts which are easy to clean.


  • Takes longer time to juice.
  • Requires a bit of manual force.

Juice Extractor

Juice Extractor is generally used to juice vegetables and citrus fruits. As it juices, it separates all the pulps, puree, seeds, and skin nicely and mashes the fruit and vegetable parts, and supplies the juice from them.

There are two types of juice extractors in general. Such as Centrifugal Juice Extractor and Masticating Juice Extractor.

Centrifugal Juice Extractor is a commonly purchased machine that juices vegetables and fruits very quickly. It refines the juice using a filter forwarding them onto a container. It includes a separate container for wastes too. It has a very high speed about 6,000-24,000 RPM.

Masticating or Chewing Juice Extractor uses an auger to mash fruits and vegetables then presses onto the filter creating thick, soapy bubbles and sour juice. It is known as a slow juicer extractor because of its speed of 40-100 RPM.


  • Very easy to clean.
  • Extract juice from fruits and Vegetables.
  • They can give large amounts of juice within a short time.
  • Very fast or slow depending on the machine type.


  • Can be loud e.g., Centrifugal ones.
  • Little bit costly.

5 Differences Between Juicer and Juice Extractor

There are several differences between a Juicer and a Juice Extractor. Here, 5 major differences have been pointed out below. Such as-

1. Purpose of Use

Depending on the use case, the purpose of using, what you are going to juice, etc. juicer and juice extractor does have their differences in the use case.

Let’s say you want fresh juice from vegetables. In that case, the juice extractor will fit your need. If you want to just juice citrus fruits juicer will be your ideal case.

2. Speed

Juice extractors have high Revolution Per Minute or “RPM” rates. These can extract the juice very quickly without even breaking a sweat. On the other hand, juicers generally have low RPM rates. It takes quite a long time.

3. Cleaning And Maintenance

Some juicers are easy to clean and some are very difficult. Juice extractors have even introduced like self-cleaning feature which gets the job done very easily.

If the parts are less and can be taken apart, then they can be washed and cleaned quickly and easily. But slow juicers can be a bit tough to clean compared to some juice extractors.

4. Noise

The noise level in these machines sets out quite the distinctive difference out of all. Juicers don’t make a sound while juicing. Then can be silent as a deadbeat while juice extractors tend to be noisy as hell.

5. Pricing And Features

Juicers are less costly than juice extractors with a little bit of exception like Electric Juicers. Juicers are easy to assemble and budget-friendly. But they don’t have that many features.

While on the other hand, juice extractors can be expensive. They tend to have quite a lot of features and they are suitable for making large amounts of juice.

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Our Verdict

Despite having the differences in both of the machines, I seriously hope that you got to wrap your head around the differences between a juicer and a juice extractor. I would recommend you guys to choose your machine wisely depending on your need, and requirements.

I would go for a Juice extractor because I need to juice very quickly, flavorful, and minimize the waste of the residue left by my machine. I want to juice plenty of high-quality ones, and not take space by the counter.

In simple terms, the juicer does not separate bits and pieces in the final product. It will create a thick juice containing the seeds and stuff but with the juice extractor, all of those bits and pieces are removed producing only fresh and clean juice. That’s the main difference.

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